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To the curious minds all over the globe:

Deadline for application has extended until september 12th

There are still a view places left at our camp in September 13th – 16th!
If you want to join our trip to Burg Waldeck, let us know until september 2nd latest.

The „pool of ideas“, which we rakishly christened „castingcamp“, has been initiated!

It will take place in Saarbrücken from september 1. to september 18. – artists and thinkers of all kinds are welcome to participate, get to know one another and take artistic action, letting their heart and imagination unfold in a public space.

Our topics:

  • species-appropriate keeping and care of the individual
  • communication structures that form and create our reality
  • what does M. really want..

Our starting point is the Landwehrplatz in the heart of Saarbrücken, though we do suggest you let the whole city be your work- and playground. Your creative ventures will be documented in picture and sound, which will support and guide through the exhibition of your projects in fall/winter 2012/2013 and culminate in the realization of the artist colony „Sahibhouse Golfclub“ in spring 2013.

We are looking for people and ideas that will grow and develop along with and amidst us, and not necessarily for fully perfected concepts.

If you are interested please let us know via a brief application until sept. 1st, 2012 (our contact details are listed below).

email: (max. attachment size 500KB)
or: Boris Pietsch/Schumannstr.50/D-66111 Saarbrücken

more at:

event organized by: Membran im Tiger Labor e.V.i.G.
in cooperation with: Saarländisches Staatstheater
further information:

we are looking forward to your numerous replies,
yours sincerely,
the „Membran im Tiger Labor“

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