THE DIALYSIS OF TRANSLATION – strange part of the source

→→→ The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (Walle walle. Lost in translation. What to do if the old master does not return?)

Knowledge and whisdom, the wheels and keys of the human consciousness are turned so often for speeding up our machinery that they cease to be of use for the new World our collective has created.
They began to block us from the world, thus creating more ignorance, pressure and pain. We sense that this situation could easily…
Humanity has the potential to become…
I have the potential to…

It is deeply advisable to araouse a way for cooperative awareness in the individual consciousness of ours, not leaving it alone with this frightening freedom but to accompany this newborn reality by bringing up a language which is as understandable for the new consciousness as it attracts this new self in condensing a language together with us. It´s not about teaching, its about making oneself visible while bringing up an Individual language with the matter I am familiar with. This was much easier in the oral tradition.

Since the times of scripting, struggle became war. Formula is a killer. Our language needs to be not only clear, flexible and evolvable, but also desirable and influenceable by the alien self without being corrupted, and it has to show that it is changing with interpretation and ceasing where it becomes false.
Everyone of us has to shift in an individual manner, in potential cooperation with everyone, to free one of us who than every human being is able to be.
Now the question is…

I am ready to cooperate.

Letters to the Editor

Hi Jan,
well, there is no article attached because the Text is the article itself.

[…]This text on the Internet has already become far more complex in the last few days then the primordial article itself. It was sourced by the article which is initiated by you and me and therefore a part of this Source.

It is a digital linked text-ure virtually reforming a Water-Source. It includes a very interesting dialogue with a physicist about the sponge and being squishy and how important this is for stiring up a complex and precise cooperative thinking matrix.

This physicist who is a very carefully critic of the quantum theory was attracted by a bulk-e-mail of mine supporting the article and this digital Water-Source Program, which has already very swift come to flow. He is seeing physic as the science of the ancient Greeks capable of specting and describing the world as a whole and not in parts, which can probably only beeing achieved when not basing it on mathematics, but being a base for the use of mathematics. Since Kurt Gödel (around 1930), mathematics are no longer reliable of specting and describing the whole, but just the hole it cannot see thru.

Humanity. This is what we are developing a spectogram of the Whole and not the hole. Holy shit! Can you see this?

As you now can imagine, your submissions deadline for the flow of Water inspired a very complex, digital analogic spongy tissue which condensates by whirls, not only in electronic dialog and text but – which is far more interesting – in the real encounter, thus creating a precise individual matrix for stiring, not steering the source of cooperative thinking.

There are so many holes in the sponge of reality that you will get lost in time and space by describing all the edges of them. But only then we would have a clear picture of this reality, based on mathematics. Otherwise we begin to speculate with mathematics and construct a new reality with it not knowing what we are doing. We never will be able to spect the aftermath with math. In the english language this is visceral evident, even before we understand Kurt Gödels mathematic. He just brought this evidence into the artificial light of mathematical consciousness.

We now bring it into the natural light of the individual consciousness of its own matrix, capable of sourcing language.

It is the matrix of aftermath where math is still valid but not complete. If we have this matrix in Mind we can use math and our guts without relying on one, nor a blend of them both, in our decisions. Only then we are the Decisionmaker born out of the educated and the suggested. Born out of faith and math not combined but as an overcome duality of self. Then, if we truly understand the whole trinity of Human Culture, without basing this understanding on suggestive belief or educated speculation, we can build up a new science of life, not one of gods and moving machines.

Along with our dialogue this matrix is learning speaking englishi…
And actually this is what it is all about, to reawake your ability to source a language with WATevER you encounter.
Language and with it upending oneself are the only Human quality which we sourced before the diligence of dialectic (bipolar) educators and their whirlwind began to dry our squishy tissue, so parts of it died and became dirty.

At a certain point we cannot need the dry wind any more, stepping out of the swamp of the childhood of humanity, creating dry-land caused by the system of working knowledge we created ourself (working knowledge is never nor will be able to really work out in the whole picture, that´s the nature of the game) and wisdom (which is the knowledge of knowing nothing). After a certain point of adolenscence of humanity, drying us out from the inside by integrating these dialectic structures, creating dry thoughts, its results are no longer dialogue and growth but war and desertification. We are not living on a fertile dry-land any more. We live in a system, a machine deeply rooted in our educated and addicted self. Here we need to become aware that we are of age but not mature. We may decide wether to become sober or a part of the machine without a cause, which is blocking humanity from life. Conditions change and so do we. If I don´t sense my freedom it does mean that it does not exist. My senses are my freedom and I am able to expand my sense or to decrease, course 0. I am free just in my sense because we are locked in. Water, our dirt and our light is what we need to source and to sense to be capable of recreating our Biosphere.

After thousands of years of human synthesis of solvents and stiring solutions and mixtures it needs a very fine nose to sense what is contaminous. And this nose lies within life. So life has to let the solvents and solutions pass itself, to judge them. If it lets the corrupted flood its semipermeable tissue, its Sponge is infected and therefore not the same biosphere anymore. Then life will get ill, its to rigid forms will die, and its flexibility will mutate and evolve the corrupted, if the flexibility of form is not distinguished completely by the relation of flow-speed, concentration of new contaminous solutions and the stiffness of form itself. This is the great question of friction and space in thermodynamics. Is time and the growth of our space really correlated or are they independent thoughts? But foremost important to me is, how am I able to self-reliably control my flow-speed, my concentration and my flexibility.

Right now we´re speeding up our human network a lot, loosing concentration and space. High speed with loose lines in an obstacle-course? Maybe the thought of time and space is a corrupted solution itself.

Jan, we have stired up a source of our selves.

May the flow of Water be with you and you with its flow, because Water is the solvent of the Human world and this World is not solved yet. It would be a contaminous waste to put on the compost of evolution in it´s current form.

Thank you so much! The form of these thoughts is just born the moment they are written down. They educate themselves in spoken word. They nourish themselves in written language. And they inspire themselves by you and many others I encounter. They are completely new to me as well,

Boris, May 30. 2014

P.S.: You could even use this Text as the article. Anyway now I will set up a Page in English called: DIALYSIS OF TRANSLATION – the english part of the source. Probably also a french one will come. Right now my hometown touches the border of france.
But the real goal would be an article where different parts of language cor(e)respond.
Lets see if I will manage to concentrate this in time …
so when do you print and how much space do you have?

May 24. 2014

good morning over there, this is Boris Pietsch from Germany. I met Harley Swift Deer more than two decades ago in Germany and soon became a member of the Tribe […]
Right now I´m the RRM (reality renovation manager) of BIOSPHÄRENMODELLDORF which is an enterprise of m-i-t-Lab, Saarbrücken, an Art´s and unusual Science Lab, for examine the relation of spinning and reality, in order to renovate our living space, our biosphere.
In a way, sourcing „Water“ is „the field“ of my artistic-science-political research. So I have to tell a bit of a story about Water, the Tribe, myself and a ship on the dry-land of public space.

Two Days ago, when your final call for submissions dropped in my vessel, I was writing down an scientific article about solutions (the dissolvable, solved in a solvent). Wow, Water, what a synchronicity.
It´s in German and it´s called:

„Die Kunst des Rührens – …“ :: „The Art of „Stiring“ – A method of whirl-creation to further un-planable solutions. How I intendedly dropped a ship in public space without wanting it, to teach myself Die Kunst des Rührens without knowing it (this art).“

Rühren :: stir, touch, reason, move

I´ve had in mind, that sometimes articles in different languages appeared in the Tracks, but I couldn´t testify this being true by seeing thru my copies.

This hours I type the handwritten story into the computer. It will soon be ready to print. It is quite a long Article and it isn´t easy at all to translate it. My profession is also about playing with words in a very sense-full way and a semantic field in one language differs from it´s analog in another one. So in the near future I have to stick to german to keep the precision needed, for it´s my mother tongue.
The story I have to tell is multilayered anyway. You can not catch Water by hand, nor store it on Paper or send it somewhere else by pouring it over your Lab/ptop and send it over the Atlantic. Water you can get to by mouth and store it in your body and of course you can fertilise Flowers with it.

I also saw an African Artist once who managed to spill liters of water through his mouth, like a fountain where children can play with. He was real. The play of children is real. But tho one pouring water from a Newspaper is just playing tricks.

So my idea is to continue writing this article by conversation with the people reading it, by them I talk to, and most of all by Water itself. And I will publish some more words about what is happening during this Water research-flow-form-bilding-float-research-building-form-float-research in order to create […]

inspired by the correspondence with you I managed to start the creation of an interlinked two-language-text. With it I try to differ from being thrillingly complex in scientific thought to brightly funny in wits of storytelling and most of all to show myself in this approach while taking analog action in the real world.

For we have not talked about it I just don´t know what you understand of my approach and what is needed that you are able to support this in Deertracks.

It could be manageable to condense it to some attracting sentences, already carrying the essence of their possible thought-space pointing somewhere else, thus creating a focus to a more complex picture that is carrying the scent of Human reality. Therefore people can think for themselves of it and decide whether they are able to actively participate in that reality of writing ones future or just being driven by it.

For me, this is most important work.

Now the question is up to you…

Boris, June 2. 2014


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